Tournament Record W L
 The Suspects 4 2
Recruiting For Next Tournament
If you are interested in playing in the next Iron Man Tournament. Email us and we will try to put together as many teams as we have goalies.
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Iron Man - Action Sports Center, Pottstown
Saturday, December 22nd
Iron Man - Action Sports Center, Pottstown
Saturday, January 19th
Iron Man - Action Sports Center, Pottstown
Saturday, Feburary 16th
Iron Man - Action Sports Center, Pottstown
Saturday, March 23rd
Suspects RH Finish 2nd In Tourney!

Action Sports Center, Pottstown -- The Usual Suspects Ice Hockey regulars Pauly Sznoluch and Buddy Dewees find themselves in an unusual environment. An Iron Man tournament held at the Action Sports Center in Pottstown, PA. Teamed up with former Suspects Mark Twadell, Erik Hageblum, and goalie Curt Rowe, Suspects finish a suprising 2nd Place in the tourney.

The first 3 games Buddy Dewees anchored the team, seemingly scoring at will. Well supported by strong goaltending and strong team defense, this not so iron man team breezed through the preliminary rounds. Experiencing their only loss to a flashy, young team from Reading called Sunshine.

The Suspects fought hard throughout the game trying to preserve a 1-1 tie. Only to be thwarted by an outstanding hard angle back hand goal with 2 seconds left in the game. With one loss The Suspects received a number 2 seed in the playoffs, facing Team Cone in the first round.

Expecting to be a tough game, The Usual Suspects rose to the occasion, led by captain Pauly Sznoluch. This weary lot of determined old-timers rolled into the Championship game, with an 8-1 victory over Team Cone. A rematch with Team Sunshine was evident as the studs from Reading made short work of their 1st round opponent. With only a 5 minute rest between the semis and the finals, the exhausted Suspects were ready to face the tireless team of youngsters.

With brilliant passing and strong skating, Sunshine scored in the opeing minute of the finals. Never looking back Sunshine went on to win by a score of 7-0. Despite a strong effort by goalie Curt Rowe, the UNusually tired Suspects were no match for this group of youngsters from Reading.

Led by hard work and determination, the Suspects, proved to be a formidable competition. Probably the oldest team by far in the tournament, the Usual Suspects would benefit from better dieting and a fitness center membership to help propel them to a Championship.

Buddie's Goal GM 1

Mark's Goal GM 2

Mark to Pauly GM 3

Pauly's Slapshot GM 4

E's Semi Final PS

Curt in the Finals

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